eDiscovery Belongs in the Cloud

The Time to Switch is Now
eDiscovery Belongs in the Cloud

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Cloud-based eDiscovery is the Solution

Through COVID and After
Cloud-based eDiscovery is the Solution

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Cloud-Based eDiscovery is the Solution

By moving to Casepoint's cloud, we can now conduct both our litigation and our business more efficiently and effectively. Especially during the pandemic, we were able to provide our clients with sustained legal services without disruption. Richard R. Volack
Partner & Chair of Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Practice
Peckar & Abramson, P.C.

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eDiscovery Must Go On & Cloud-based Legal Tech Delivers

Maintain the Pace by Migrating Your eDiscovery to the Cloud



The cloud is infinitely scalable thanks to its elasticity. You can scale storage volumes or the number of users as your needs fluctuate. For example, an increase from 10 to 10,000 users won’t require any infrastructure changes.



Leave the security of your data to the experts and eliminate the cost of maintaining it in-house. Casepoint’s cadre of experienced professionals support the most comprehensive certificates on all levels: cloud, web application, and company.



If we’ve learned anything from this pandemic, it's that accessibility to software and systems is paramount to keep the pace of business going. Cloud-based legal technology provides you with access from anywhere on any device.

Why Migrate? Your eDiscovery Workflow Pain Points Uncovered

Whether it’s dealing with a complex tech stack or the deficiencies of an on-premise solution, you’re losing efficiency. Here’s why:

Loss of Efficiency Data Movement Duplicative Costs Complex Security Management Endless Add-ons Expensive T ech S tack
Not Scalable High Maintenance Disaster Recovery Risks Lack of Security Resources Maintenance Costs Heavy Infrastructure Investment On-Prem Deficiencies
Unpredictable Scaling Costs Investment Costs On-going Maintenance Expensive In-House IT Support Multiple Software Subscriptions C o s t In e f ficiencies

Switch to Casepoint’s Cloud-based End-to-End eDiscovery Solution

The legal technology features you need to efficiently and effectively conduct litigation, internal investigations, and compliance requests.

Increase overall accuracy
Increase overall accuracy by decreasing data movement and minimizing the risk of errors.
Entire eDiscovery workflow is streamlined
No need to import or export data - your entire eDiscovery workflow is streamlined.
Unified platform
Increase efficiency and save time by working within one unified platform.
Scalable and secure
Casepoint’s mature platform and refined cloud-based technology are both scalable and secure.
Cloud’s elasticity and flexible nature
Scale up or down as needs arise due to the cloud’s elasticity and flexible nature.
Best security practices
Our team of experts enforce best security practices to help protect your data. Partnering with our team is an added security measure.
FedRAMP Authorized
Casepoint is certifiably secure at the Company, Data Center, and Application levels:
  • FedRAMP Authorized
  • SOC 1
  • SOC 2
  • SOC 3
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 27001:2013
  • NIST 800-53
  • NIST 800-171
  • SIG Questionnaire
No extra charge
Advanced Analytics suite, CaseAssist, is pre-installed at no extra charge.
Built-in Analytics and AI
Built-in Analytics and AI can uncover data relevancy and improve accuracy.
CaseAssist Active Learning
CaseAssist Active Learning provides you with multiple methods to cull relevant documents with precision.
Save time and money
Save time and money while leveraging Advanced Analytics at no additional cost.
All-inclusive pricing
All-inclusive pricing allows you to better predict pricing and utilize every part of our full-featured application without any surprises or up-sells.
TAR and Advanced Analytics
Unlimited users have full access to all of Casepoint’s features, including TAR and Advanced Analytics at no additional cost.
eDiscovery technology costs are transparent
We make sure you’re in the driver’s seat. Casepoint’s focus is to ensure your eDiscovery technology costs are transparent and in your control.

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How to Switch?

Casepoint Makes it Easy to Migrate Data

  • Assess


    Our Client Services team works with you to understand your current technology solutions and workflows, then help assess how your data needs to be migrated. Based on the software you’re switching from, they develop a customized plan of action for how to migrate your data.

  • Assess

    Proof of Concept

    If you so choose, we welcome you to take Casepoint for a test drive! We offer a fully functioning POC with real or staged data, depending on preference. Our award-winning Client Services team will have a fully laid out POC process ready for you to begin.

  • Assess


    When you’re ready to migrate, our team of experts will have a migration process completely mapped out customized for you. We’ve successfully completed many migrations from a variety of solutions, and have created custom migration and data ingestion tools to facilitate your switch.


Casepoint is with you every step of the way!

Make the Switch

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